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By Skyler Hardegree

Best Places To Be After A Nuclear Blast

If a nuclear blast comes near you that's not going to be a good time. But assuming you are not so close to the blast that you die instantly there are some places that would be nice to be at. Places that could save your life or help you avoid the oncoming radiation. 

When making your "Bug Out Bag" for these location, consider adding in our little game called Dukes Of Nukes to kill the time while waiting out the dangers outside.


1. Just Get Inside


If you are near the blast but far enough that the only thing you need to worry about is the radiation then just going inside a building or into the basement might help. You'll probably still be exposed to radiation, but this can help minimize that if you have no other choice.

If you get to choose the building then brick or concrete are the best options. Go to the basement if it has one. If not, then the middle of the building is the next best thing. If you were outside and exposed to radiation then take off the contaminated clothes and wash off skin that wasn't covered.

Stay away from the walls and the roof of the building and maintain 6 feet between you and people who are not apart of your household. 


2. Underground Bunker

underground bunker 

Some people build underground bunkers on their property. The deeper the better. Since these will most likely be used to survive radiation and not the initial blast maybe some lead lined walls deep underground would work best. 

There are companies out there that can build these for you. They need to be able to house people for long periods of time with ample supplies and fresh air. You never know if you'll be down there for 35 years like Brendan Fraser in Blast From The Past. 

The current average cost of a bunker is $52,000. Though you can get a cheap one for about $19,000 or you can live the life of a rich mole and spring for the $8 Million model. Just because its a nuclear winter doesn't mean you have to slum it.


3. Fallout Shelter

fallout shelter sign 

There are fallout shelters built around the world that were mostly put in during the cold war days. There aren't as many as there use to be and the ones that are left might be harder to find. A lot of banks double as fallout shelters. To find what fallout shelters are near you do a quick google search and keep that in mind next time you see a nuclear blast out in the distance. 


4. Get To A Cave


Another good option is to find a local cave and trek down as deep as you can. The deeper you get the better as you are trying to avoid radiation. 

Since you might be down there for a few weeks make sure you have plenty of supplies for yourself and everyone you are with. This will avoid an uncomfortable conversation about who in your party would taste better.

Just like with the fallout shelters, do a google search and find the best nearby cave so you're ready to run when the time comes.


5. Live Somewhere Safe


Possibly the best way to survive a nuke is to just not be near it when it goes off. There are places in the world where the probability of a nuke being dropped is almost zero. 

The best is probably Antartica. There is an Antarctic Treaty saying no military activity or testing can be conducted there though that probably won't matter during a nuclear war. But who would want to nuke Antartica? Super cold. Super empty.

Another location would be just anywhere desolate and away from major cities or military point. If counties are flinging nukes back and forth at each other then some place far away from society has a low chance of being hit or even being close enough to the blast to worry about radiation. Consider the dense forest of the Yukon.

Or you can be island living. There are plenty of islands out in the world that are not owned by any big super power country and would be relatively safe from a nuclear attack. Hawaii is not one of them. New Zealand, Guam, and Easter Island are good popular options though.


Hopefully this day never comes, but if it does it's always good to be prepared. Just don't get crazy about it.