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By Skyler Hardegree

Top 5 Pokémon Companions To Have During The Apocalypse

The apocalypse just hit. You live in a world of Pokemon. Life is dangerous. But which Pokemon companion would be best to have by your side to help you survive this scary new world? We got the top 5 right here!

The most important points when picking these companions is their utility when it comes to surviving the apocalypse.


5) Ditto

pokemon ditto

Ditto is an interesting Pokémon as it can transform into any Pokémon out there and have access to their moves and stat boosts. While becoming every Pokémon seems advantageous, it does have some drawbacks. Firstly, it seems ditto can only transform into Pokémon that it is battling or are nearby. Also, the moves it copies are stunted in the amount of which ditto can use. Second, ditto is notoriously bad at battles and will ultimately be a weak Pokémon to have by your side in the apocalypse. It offers lot of utility if used correctly, but isn’t the best choice though versatile enough to get it to the top 5.

4) Gastrodon

pokemon gastrodon

Gastodon is the ultimate farmer to have during the apocalypse and is strong too. It knows ground moves and water moves which will allow your crops to thrive. One of the most important tasks to surviving will be food and water and Gastrodon can provide this. When it comes to battling other survivors, Gastrodon can hold their own. Being immune to water (ability storm drain) and electricity while also knowing ice beam make a formidable foe.

3) Koraidon

pokemon koraidon

The new box art legendary for Pokemon Scarlet is Koraidon. This beast will be ridable and no doubt strong. Why farm and survive when you can force others to help? Someone has a successful farm? Use your extremely powerful legend to take what you want. This isn’t the best way to make friends, but this is about survival. Koraidon will also save you a ton of energy since you can ride it everywhere.

2) Dialga

pokemon dialga

The only thing better than surviving in the apocalypse is stopping it from ever happening. As the lord of time, Dialga would be able to time travel with you to stop the apocalypse. This would probably be very hard to accomplish and might just turn into a life of failure but will be interesting none the less. Aside from that, this Pokémon would almost guarantee a win in any battle you may find yourself in. Almost the ultimate companion. 


1) Exeggutor

pokemon exeggutor

Number one must go to Exeggutor due to the ability that this Pokémon possesses. Harvest is the ability, and this automatically replenishes any berries that are used. What this essentially means is that you would have unlimited food. Besides that, Exeggutor is a strong competitor that can hold its own in the barren wastelands. Not the best in battling, but enough to keep you safe. Being the ultimate food giver make this pokemon take the number 1 spot on this list as food might be the hardest thing to come by in the apocalypse, but not for you!