WATCH MOVIES, GET DRUNK - The Live Movie Drinking Game

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The Only Live Movie Drinking Game!

Cards you keep hidden that have an action to look out for during the live movie.

Did one of your actions just happen? You get to make someone drink!

Years. Box offices. Actors.

Use your movie knowledge to force your friends to drink.

Take turns naming Tom Hanks movies, have a push-up contest, finish your drink, make a shot for someone, and many more challenges to keep bathroom breaks interesting.

Everyone votes on who they want to take a shot, finish their drink, and more with group vote cards.

Will you all gang up on one person?

Can be played with just 2 players. The main game with the Secret Action cards will work perfectly with 2 players. Only some cards in the Pee Break deck will need to be skipped, like the group vote cards.

The 3 Card Types

For Your Eyes Only!

Everyone gets dealt these cards at the start of the game.

These cards indicate what to look out for during the live movie on TV.

If one of your actions happen then you get to order someone to drink!


During live play if you are told to drink by another player because of their Secret Action card, you can take a single guess as to what that secret action is. If correct you can make them drink instead.

They will then have to replace that card with a new one.

Take a bathroom break and play this deck.

Pee Break cards are to be played during any bathroom breaks your group wants to take.

All players are to take turns drawing these cards and reading what they say.

These cards will make breaks fun and will ensure everyone gets to hand out plenty of drinks.

They consist of trivia, challenges, group votes, mini games, and more!

always in play back

Big Moments Deserve Big Drinks!

These cards will always be visible to everyone and are for celebrating big moments in the movie.


No. You can use whatever you like. Maybe use something gross or funny like milk or prune juice. Maybe even use spicy food.

You can use the Pee Break cards though some might not work so you can skip the few that don't. You can still have fun with trivia, group
votes, challenges, and more.

This game can work with any movie though we find it works better with a movie everyone in the group has already seen.

The main game with the Secret Action cards will still work with just 2 people. But some cards in the Pee Break deck will not. Like the group vote cards.

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