By Skyler Hardegree

A Stick Legged Warrior Poem

With a hockey stick for a leg,

He skates on the ice like a peg,

But don't be fooled by his unusual appearance,

He's a fierce competitor, with a fierce adherence

To the game he loves, and the team he represents.


He moves with grace and precision,

His stick-leg a unique decision,

But it doesn't slow him down,

He skates circles around,

Opponents who underestimate his vision.


He takes the shots, and scores the goals,

With his stick-leg, he takes full control.

He's a player, who can't be ignored,

With every game, he continues to soar,

And become a legend, to all who behold.


Though his hockey stick leg may seem odd,

It's just another tool, in his hockey squad.

He plays with passion, heart, and skill,

And that's what makes him, one to thrill,

On the ice, he's truly a hockey god.