By Skyler Hardegree

Cocktails For Hockey Fans

What goes best with drinking? Watching sports with friends while doing it of course!

And if your sport of choice is hockey then knowing these specialty hockey themed cocktails can get everyone in your group into the hockey mindset. 

Starting your hockey drinking game off in a fancy way with the following mixed drinks.


Islay Snowflake

islay snowflake drink

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  • 2oz Vodka
  • ½oz Galliano
  • ¼oz Whiskey
    Simple and easy to make. Only 3 ingredients needed. Might need to down this snowflake quick.

    Sweet Captain

    sweet captain
    • ½oz Grenadine
    • 1½oz Black Rum
    • 4oz Ginger Beer

      Also super easy to make! Every team needs a captain. Make yours with only 3 ingredients. A great way to start a game.

      Fluffy Duck

      fluffy duck drink
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      • 1oz Triple Sec
      • 1oz Orange Juice
      • Top up Soda Water
      • 1½oz Advocaat
      • 1½oz London Dry Gin

        The mightiest of drinks! Might seem innocent enough, but will definitely pack a punch. Quack quack quack!


        hurricane drink
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        • 1oz White Rum
        • ½oz Lemon Juice
        • 1oz Dark Rum
        • ½oz Passion fruit Syrup
        • ½oz Overproof Rum

          If you like rum then you'll love this Hurricane. Perfect for celebrating a big win!


          Maple Leaf

          maple leaf drink

          • ½oz Lemon Juice
          • ½oz Maple Syrup
          • 2oz Bourbon

            What's one way to better the taste of straight bourbon? Some maple syrup of course! Make it sweeter and smoother. Don't drink it too fast or you might choke.

            Canadian Appletini

            canadian appletini drink

            Photo source / credit: Kinga Tarczy'ska

            • 1½oz Vodka
            • Teaspoon Lemon Juice
            • 1½oz Apple Juice
            • Teaspoon Maple Syrup

              Like an appletini but more Canadian. How so? Adding in maple syrup of course! Increased sweetness, same Price.

              Red Devil

              red devil drink

              • 1oz Pernod
              • 1oz Gin
              • ½oz Grenadine

              THE DEVIL!!! And it's red! Stupid easy to make so get your grenadine out!

              The French Canadian

              french canadian drink

              • 2/3 fl oz Cognac
              • 1/2 fl oz Dry Gin
              • 1/3 fl oz Maple Syrup
              • 1/2 fl oz Lemon Juice
              • 1 dash Aromatic Bitters

                Très chic et très français. Ajoutez du sirop d'érable et il devient également canadien. Ceci est pour les amateurs de hockey très chic. Pinky dehors!