By Skyler Hardegree

Every NHL Teams BEST Primary Logo In Their History

Most NHL teams have gone through multiple logos throughout the years. Some improve on their design, while others dug their logo out of a steaming garbage can. Below is a list of NHL logos from each teams history that I personally think is their best logo.

These are for primary logos only! No alternative logos or specialty logos or anniversary logo or anything like that. Official primary logos only.

This in MY opinion, which means it's 100% correct and indisputable. 

For those who have played Watch Hockey Get Drunk, logo history might be a good thing to brush up on for future expansions.

So let's get to it!



anaheim mighty ducks logo
Instant nostalgia! Even non-hockey fans recognize this logo. Unique colors, no letters, so clean. Vastly superior than the D logo that came after.
So much so that if you attend a Ducks game you will see more fans sporting this classic logo than the current official webbed foot D logo. The entire NHL fan base want the Ducks to go back to the classic Mighty Ducks logo. Maybe one day they will.


This team actually listened to their fans and went back to their original logo! This is what they started with and after 18 years of the howling coyote head logo they finally went back to the OG.
This logo is not like any other in the league. Great colors for the team and comes off as very "Arizona" with its straight lines and the image of a desert dog playing hockey. I did like the howling head, but this one is better.


boston bruins logo
The Boston Bruins logo hasn't changed much through its long history and most of their logos are just like this one with only a few minor color changes.
This I think stands out the most and has the most pop. This logo in general is so iconic that is will probably never change. Does the B stand for Boston or Bruins?


Buffalo Sabres logo
I personally enjoy these colors more than the current logo colors and this logo just looks mean and tough. Maybe they should change their name to the Buffalo Buffalos!


Calgary Flames Logo
I'm not a huge fan of the flaming C logo, but that is all they have ever had. The only changes they have made have been small changes to the outline color.
This version with the black outline I think looks the best, especially on the jerseys.


Carolina Hurricanes Logo
Literally the only option. Probably any other design would beat this one for me.


Chicago Blackhawks Logo
The Blackhawks logo has had this left facing face in their design for almost 100 years. Most changes have been color changes and slight face shape changes.
I find their current version to be the cleanest one. Will this head logo ever change?


Colorado Avalanche Logo
The Avalanche have never changed their logo soooooo I guess I have to say this is their best. Hopefully in the future I can come back and update this list with a different version.


Columbus Blue Jackets Logo
I usually don't like when the teams name is in the logo, but when your team is the Blue Jackets I think it is needed.
I do wish their logo showed a soldier or a cannon. Remind me in 10 years.


Dallas Stars Logos History

I think this one is clean looking and fits very well. Their only other primary logo has their team name in it, which I don't enjoy very much at all.


Detroit Red Wings Logo
They have only altered their primary logo once is their long history and it was a small change. This is the current version and it is more modern and cleaner than their first logo.
Another iconic logo that will probably never change.


Edmonton Oilers Logos
The Oilers have never changed their logo and have only updated the colors very very slightly. This is their current one and I feel the color shades work the far.


Florida Panthers Logo
The Panthers changed their logo to this logo for their 2016/17 season and are still using it. Very modern and the panther looks mean.
Wish it didn't say Florida on it, but I still like it better than their original logo which was harder to read.


Los Angeles Kings Logo
A crown with crossed hockey stick at the top, simple but recognizable. No words or extra background needed. And actually has color!


Maybe the most creative logo in the NHL today! Conveys the name WILD and the state of Minnesota simultaneously.
I love the design! The sun, the north star, the forest, the river, and all of it coming together to make a wild animal. *chefs kiss*


Montreal Canadiens Logo
Ce logo canadien a changé plusieurs fois au cours de sa très longue histoire, mais cette version a le C le plus en forme et le meilleur contour.  Bonjour les francophones !


Nashville Predators Logo
The Preds only have two versions of their main logo and this version, which is their current, is the best one. The original has silver and orange mixed in and just doesn't look as clean as this one.


New Jersey Devils Logo
THE DEVIIILLLLLSSSS! A logo with a N and a J flowing into each other with devil horns and a devil tail. I love it! The only other logo in their history is the exact same except that the black outline and black circle is green. But I think the black looks way better.


New York Islanders Logo
The very short lived and mostly hated Islanders logo only lasted 2 year...but I kinda like it. Their current logo is very basic and plain and this is more fun. Its a mean looking fisherman blocking a net! Way better than just a name in a circle.


New York Rangers Logo
Current logo = best logo. At least when it comes to the New York Rangers. Older primary logos had different font and slightly different color shades, but this one has a brighter blue and is the most readable. Its look pretty good on a jersey even though its just a shield and words.


Ottawa Senators Logo
The Senators recently went back to their original logo but I like this logo more. To me it shows a tougher look and has more personality. Not much more I can say. SPARTACAT!


Philadelphia Flyers Logo
The Flyers have never ever ever never ever changed their primary logo design. The only thing that has changed about it is the shade of orange, and even that has been just very slightly.
This shade was from their very first logo and it is the brightest shade they have used and I think it pops the most.


Pittsburgh Penguins Logo
Though I still like it, the current Penguins logo is too cartoony for me. This one is way more smooth. For some reason it comes off as retro and old school, but yet still modern looking at the same time. How it do dat?


San Jose Sharks Logo
Their original logo was like a goofy version of this logo. The redesign into this current logo is so much better. I love the mean looking shark. It seems like it is so much easier to make cooler logos when the team name in an animal.


Seattle Kraken Logo
Obviously the Kraken have only had one logo, and it's a pretty solid one. Might be awhile before they decide to make a change, if they ever do.
I would like to see a more obvious Kraken design though. They have an awesome creature as their team name and I can picture some amazing design possibilities.


St. Louis Blues Logo
Just a straight forward logo. A music note with wings that is also blue. Their past logos were the same but had words in them which makes them less clean looking. Simple and clean is best to me.


Tampa Bay Lightning Logo
The Bolts are another team with a simple clean logo. Which you know by now is what I prefer. Either that or a mean looking character. And it would be very difficult to make a character when the team name is Lightning.


Toronto Maple Leafs Logo
The Leafs have changed the shape of their leaf multiple times. The current one is a remake of an older one, but I much prefer the less pointy (but still a little pointy) logo from 1967-70.
And if you didn't know the teams name they put it right there in the logo for you!


Vancouver Canucks Logo
No I'm not choosing the one that's just a hockey stick in a rectangle! Their current primary logo is superior. Looks, its a C. And a mean whale. Nothing else is needed.


Vegas Golden Knights Logo
Hmmmmmm which to choose? I think this is a super well designed logo. Shows a clever way to put a V right in the middle of a logo while still giving off the "knight" vibe with the helmet and the shield.


Washington Capitals Logo
I don't like the colors as much as their current red, white, and blue logo, but at lease this is more than just words. Having an eagle makes sense for the Capitals so I don't know why they don't incorporate it in again. Maybe then non-hockey fans will stop thinking this team plays in Washington state.


Winnipeg Jets Logo
Last logo on the list and its the only primary logo in the teams shortish history. So its an easy choice!

So anyway, that's my list. Is it final and non-negotiable!