By Skyler Hardegree

Top 5 Best And Unique Drinking Games

You all know the classics like quarters, flip cup, beer pong, but if you are looking for some more unique drinking games that you might have never hear of, then check out our list of the top 5 best and unique drinking games.

Gather your friends and crack open a cold one.


5. Mustache TV

moustache on blue background

A simple game that gets everyone laughing!

Get a little sticky fake mustache and stick one or a few to your tv. Put on a movie or show and every time the mustache lines up perfectly with someones face, everyone take a drink.


4. Pangea

cardboard box with rules written on it

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Get a flat box or a large piece of paper and write everyone's name on it in random spots. Now draw equal size circles around each name.

Take turns flipping a coin onto the box. If the coin lands in a circle with a name in it then that person must drink. If it lands outside the circles then you get to write your own rule and put a circle around it. The circle can be as big or small as you like.

Keep playing until the entire box/paper is filled up with circles.

Examples of rules could be: shotgun a beer, take a shot, remove shirt, text your ex...


3. Chandeliers

cirlce of cups with a bigger cup in the middle

Get a large glass and fill it with beer. Now place smaller glasses of beer around and up against the large middle glass. One for each player. Take turns bouncing a coin aiming for a glass.

If the coin lands in a small glass then the person that glass belongs to must finish their drink and refill it.

If the coin lands in the large middle glass then everyone must VERY quickly chug their drink so that they can hold it upside down above their head. Last person to do so must drink the large middle glass.

You do NOT need to chug all of your drink before holding it upside down over your head. If you think you are about to lose then you can pour what you have left on your head. All that matter is you have the glass over your head. Will someone pour their whole drink on their head just to avoid drinking the middle glass?

Don't forget to bring a towel!


2. Most Likely To

fingers pointing at each other

The game that takes people down a notch, but with a twist!

Someone gives a "most likely to" scenario. Most likely to go to jail, most likely to have an Only Fans, or most likely to pay for an Only Fans just to name a few.

On the count of 3 everyone points to who they think fits that scenario best. The person with the most votes must drink.

THE TWIST: if you think you are going to get the most votes you can make an X with your arms to block the votes on you. If you were correct and you did get the most votes then everyone who voted for you must drink. If you were wrong then you must drink with the person who actually got the most votes.


1. Sports Drinking Games

game box for hockey, baseball, and football

Want to watch your favorite sports team play live and still enjoy a drinking game with your buds at the same time? The you need to get one of the following games:

Watch Hockey, Get Drunk

Watch Baseball, Get Drunk

Watch Football, Get Drunk

These games give you and your group secret things to look out for during the live game. When one of your actions happen then you get to make someone drink. But if they can guess what secret action you have then you must drink instead.

There is also a massive deck to use during breaks in the live game. This deck has trivia, group votes, challenges, mini games, and more!