By Skyler Hardegree

Watch Hockey Get Drunk: The Poem

Watch hockey, get drunk, what a perfect combination,

A game of skill, speed and precision.

With sticks and pucks and body checks too,

It's enough to make any fan feel anew.


But wait, there's more, a drink in hand,

Ice cold beer to help us understand,

The beauty of the game, it's so clear,

As we cheer and shout, and have a beer.


The players glide, the crowd goes wild,

With every goal, we get more mild,

And as the game goes on and on,

We'll drink and cheer until it's gone.


So don't be shy, join the fun,

Watch hockey, get drunk, it's never done,

A match made in heaven, we all agree,

Watch hockey, get drunk, it's the best therapy.