Our Story

picture of skyler and spencer hardegree
Hey lookie loos, we are Skyler and Spencer Hardegree, the creators of party games you love...or will love.
Our story is a simple one. We play a bunch of card game/board games and thought one day "Why don't we make one? We is smart 'nough." So we pitched different ideas to each other and finally settled on the game now known as Dukes Of Nukes.
We made a rough prototype of the game using cut paper with sharpie. We played it with family and made many many tweeks. Added new cards, cut cards that didn't work, tried different rules, you name it. After many attempts we finally got it to what we think is perfect.
We then named the cards, created the artwork, and got a professional prototype made.

We then launched our Kickstarter and were successful! We used the money to place our first order with our manufacture AdMagic. We received our games and shipped to all our backers and listed it for sale on our website and on Amazon.

Our journey is just beginning. It's time to grow our company and get our game out there so we can continue to design some more.

We'd like to come out with expansion packs and new party games in the future! So help us our by give us your support so our dream can continue going and going.